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Spinal Decompression in St. Petersburg, FL

Do you feel tense? Like you cannot stretch your back enough to feel relaxed? Then spinal decompression therapy may be the answer to your problems. When you rely on the professionals at Miller Chiropractic and Wellness for spinal decompression in St. Petersburg, Florida, you can receive peace of mind knowing that any back pain you are experiencing will soon go away, leaving you feeling light and comfortable.

Spinal decompression therapy is a process that involves stretching the spine by using a traction table or motorized device. The goal is to relieve any pain by releasing pressure in the spine. Ideal for herniated discs, this state-of-the-art treatment for lower back pain as well as neck pain creates a negative intradiscal pressure to promote the repositioning of the bulging or herniated disc.

Streamlined Chiropractor Spinal Decompression

When you need to feel better quickly, seek the help of an experienced chiropractor. Spinal decompression performed by our professionals is a sure-fire way to begin your path to ultimate healing and wellness. This treatment is a type of traction therapy that is applied to the spine in an attempt to create a lower pressure in the disc. This in turn causes healing nutrients and substances into the disc in order to alleviate pain.

Spinal Decompression in St. Petersburg, FL

An Effective Spinal Decompression Treatment

A safe alternative to surgery, spinal decompression treatment has been cleared by the FDA, and has even been proven to provide several health benefits for patients. At our clinic, we tailor every therapy session to suit your exact problems to ensure maximum results.

We perform a full spectrum of treatments along with the spinal decompression therapy to make sure you get the progress and relief you want.

Our hands-on chiropractors spend time with every patient, allowing them to customize your therapy to match your individual needs. The spinal Decompression treatment process normally includes the following:

• Heat
• SOT Blocking
• Core Strengthening
• Ice
• EMS (Electrodes)
• Massage
• Sacral
  Stabilization Bracing

High Quality Spinal Decompression Therapy for a Low Price

Receive the detailed spinal decompression therapy you need at a price you are able to afford when you visit our clinic. Our team of knowledgeable associates performs a comprehensive consultation, a complete exam, X-rays, and a report of our findings for only $50. This way, you are able to receive the answers and therapy you need for the low price you deserve. Additionally, you can rest assured that our physicians will work with most insurance providers for your convenience. 

Contact us today to see fast results with our spinal decompression treatments. We proudly serve clients throughout St. Petersburg, Kenneth City, Gulfport, Pasadena, and Gulf Beaches, Florida.

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