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Back Disc Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

Are you experiencing pain from a herniated disc? Are you searching for the solution to give you lasting relief? Then Miller Chiropractic and Wellness is your destination for back disc treatment in St. Petersburg, Florida. Along with our money-saving consultation specials and our ability to work with a variety of insurance companies, you are sure to receive the treatment you need at a price you can afford. Spinal discs are attached securely above and below your vertebrae in order to provide shock absorption for the spine.

The back sustains a lot of stress over the years and changes due to aging, making the disc prone to injury. This can lead to lower back and leg pain as well as other symptoms, such as numbness and weakness.

Back Disc Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

Our Herniated Disc Treatment Is the Answer to Your Needs

A disc becomes herniated one of the disks between the vertebrae slips out of place. This is also called a slipped disc or ruptured disc. A herniated disc can irritate nearby nerves and result in numbness, pain, or weakness in an arm or leg. If you believe you are suffering from any of these problems, our professionals provide comprehensive herniated disc treatments to help you get back in shape. For your convenience, a combination of the following treatment options is available to be used throughout the first six weeks of discomfort:

• Heat & Ice Therapy for Pain Relief
• Oral Steroids to Decrease Inflammation & Pain
• Narcotic Pain Medications for Pain Relief
• Chiropractic Manipulation or Adjustments
• Epidural Injections to Decrease Inflammation & Pain
• Physical Therapy, Exercise, & Gentle Stretches to Relieve Pressure on the Nerve
• Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for Pain Relief, Such as Ibuprofen

Affordable Relief from Herniated Discs

Enjoy a life free from the pain of herniated discs and headaches without breaking your bank account when you visit our clinic. Our specialists set you up for a complete exam, consultation, x-rays, and a report of our findings for only $50 so you can get the answers and treatment you need for the low price you deserve. Furthermore, our professionals work with most insurance providers for your utmost convenience. 

Contact us today to receive a comprehensive back disc treatment from our chiropractors. We proudly serve clients throughout St. Petersburg, Kenneth City, Gulfport, Pasadena, and Gulf Beaches, Florida.

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