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An Effective Back Adjustment Chiropractor in St. Petersburg, FL

There are not many things that can rival the discomfort which comes from a bad back or neck pain. Conditions of this type greatly detract from your quality of life and can drastically impair movement of any sort. Relief is at hand through the skills of a back adjustment chiropractor in St. Petersburg, FL, at Miller Chiropractic and Wellness.

Getting You Back to Feeling Your Best

No matter what’s the reason for your back pain, whether it’s from a car accident an injury you suffered at work or on the sports field, we have the skills to restore your quality of life. We’ve seen a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, and are greatly experienced at dealing with all of them effectively.

 Our highly trained staff members offer various forms of chiropractic treatments and adjustments which target and alleviate your symptoms. We’ll assess your condition and provide the back adjustment you need; maybe it will focus on your lower back, mid-back, or neck, whatever the situation dictates is where we’ll aim your treatment.

Focused on Wellness

At our clinic, we not only work to help you relieve pain; we also aim to allow you to maintain ongoing wellness. We accomplish this by improving spinal and joint function for a healthy, active lifestyle. The services we provide will allow a balanced body, flexibility, and functional mobility.

 The back adjustment services we provide also called chiropractic or spinal manipulation, are effective treatments for lower back pain, which is one of the most common complaints we encounter from clients. In this case, the chiropractor manipulates vertebrae which have abnormal movements or function. This helps realign them and relieve pressure and tension, thus alleviating pain.

 Partial dislocation of the vertebrae, or subluxation as it’s called, can be treated effectively with adjustments to improve range of motion, decrease nerve irritation, and increase back function. This treatment involves:

 • Relief and Comfort the Majority of the Time

• A Short, High-Velocity Arm Thrust to a Vertebra

• An Audible Release of Gases to Decrease Joint Pressure

Back Adjustment Chiropractor in St. Petersburg, FL

Assessing Your Condition Is the First Step

When you come to us for back disc treatment or any of our other services, we meet with you for a consultation to assess your condition and pain. We’ll perform an exam, obtain X-rays, and give you a full report. It’s our goal to identify the source of your pain and provide quick and efficient relief.

Contact us to book an appointment or learn more about our services. We proudly serve clients in St. Petersburg, Kenneth City, Gulfport, Pasadena, and Gulf Beaches, FL, as well as the surrounding areas.