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Neck Pain Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

Have you recently been involved in an automobile accident? Are you suffering from chronic neck pain as a result of the crash? Miller Chiropractic and Wellness is here for you when you are in need of effective neck pain treatment in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Our team of professional and knowledgeable chiropractors offers a vast assortment of pain-relieving techniques and therapies designed to help you heal as quickly as possible.

Neck Pain Treatment in St. Petersburg, FL

Comforting Whiplash Treatment for All

Whiplash refers to a neck injury that occurs due to forceful, rapid, back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip. While this ailment most often occurs during a rear-end car accident that causes the passengers' heads to jerk forward, this injury can also result from sports accidents, physical abuse, or other trauma. Common symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, stiffness, and headaches. However, through whiplash treatment provided by our expert chiropractors, the majority of sufferers recover within a few months.

Our professionals employ numerous chiropractic treatments for whiplash depending on your individual case, including:

• Various Exercises
• Ergonomic & Lifestyle Changes
• Spinal Manipulation
• Muscle Relaxation or Stimulation

Your Whiplash Therapy Solution

Your neck is extremely flexible, but this flexibility can also cause your neck to become susceptible to pain and injury. When it comes to cases of whiplash, therapy sessions from a skilled chiropractor is an great way to provide relief from neck pain for those in need. Unlike prescription medications, neck adjustments address the actual root of the problem instead of focusing solely on the symptoms. These safe, natural treatments are proven to provide you with the healing care you need.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Therapy

Are you suffering from pain in your neck and have not been involved in a car accident? Though neck pain can occur from these types of accidents as well as sports injuries, other causes such as age and even bad habits like poor posture or obesity can also result in this pain. Determining the root of your neck pain issues is the first and most important step to complete rehabilitation and proper treatment.

Once we understand the issue, our specialists will provide you with the neck pain therapy you need to improve the mobility of your spine and even restore your range of motion. Most patients who undergo this chiropractic therapy notice an improved ability to tilt and turn their head. It is also common to notice a reduction in the amount of pain, soreness, and stiffness they had experienced as well.

Contact us today to learn more about our rejuvenating neck pain treatments. We proudly serve clients throughout St. Petersburg, Kenneth City, Gulfport, Pasadena, and Gulf Beaches, Florida.

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